What does a Team Parent do?
Team Parent is a volunteer position and the spokesperson for each team in vital ways.
Most Team Parents do the following each Spring season:
  • Collect deposit checks for volunteer shifts
  • Collect money from each family for team purchases such as matching socks, or CSA group events such as Padres Day.
  • Lead the charge on making a team banner
  • Help the manager set-up a TeamSnap or Shutterfly Share site for the team.
  • Oversees the snack schedule (if applicable)
  • Coordinates the end-of-season Team Party and collects money from each of the families for Coach gifts.
  • Fields questions from parents that should be brought to the Volunteer coordinator or another CSA Board Member.
  • Might help organize the dugout or get players organized (age-dependent).
  • Might help with scorekeeping or helping the Manager find a scorekeeper for the team.

*A Team Parent meeting occurs prior to the start of Spring season, where specific details are shared*

I'm the Team parent - Who do I contact if a parent has A question about the required volunteer commitment?

The Volunteer Coordinator is a great start for most league-related questions, especially questions regarding the required parent volunteer commitment.

Who do I contact if I have questions about game schedules and practice times?

The League Scheduler is the correct contact for questions related to game schedules. Please note that the game schedule takes several weeks to form based on multiple factors including field availability from the city,  umpire schedules, etc.

Who do I contact regarding uniforms?

The Purchasing Coordinator oversees uniforms (and spiritwear).