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The Select program was developed to allow high-performing girls to practice and/or play games together, once a week during the recreational season.

If your daughter will be registered to play in the upcoming 2021 spring season, she is eligible to tryout for Select.

Participation on the 10U, 12U and 14U select teams require an initial player fee of $85. Additional costs may incur and are dependent upon tournaments entered and games played. Select teams may travel to tournaments out of county/state. Initial fees are due upon acceptance on the final team rosters.

The deadline to submit Select Interest Forms has passed. 


Select Team Tryouts


Sunday Morning,  November 15th
(Tryout schedule to be issued by November 13th)

Calavera Community Park

Any player wishing to play during the select season MUST be present during the tryouts. Instructions for arrival, check in, and warm ups will be included with the tryout schedule.

What is "Select"?

Select” is a program developed by USA Softball designed to allow high-performing girls to practice and/or play games together, once a week, prior to/and during the recreational season. 

If chosen to join a select team, it will be in addition to your daughter's respective recreational commitment during the spring season. Currently, select teams are available for 10U, 12U and 14U player divisions. To be considered for select team participation, players and parents must commit to the requirements outlined below:

  • Select teams require an additional 1-2 days of practice or game(s) per week from late fall through March 31st (the last day of select program activities). The additional day of play will usually be on Sundays.
  • A select team may not have more than four travel ball players on a team.
  • A player must participate in no less than 75% of her recreational games to maintain eligibility for the select program.
  • Participation in the select program DOES NOT GUARANTEE your daughter will be selected and/or play on an all-star team. 
  • Additional costs, beyond the $85 select fees, may be incurred with this player commitment.
  • Select players may play in tournaments out of San Diego County and the State of California.

Select Managers

All coaches who are interested in managing a select team must submit an application (see link below) by October 25th, 2020.  Questions regarding this application can be directed to the Manager Coordinator.

Manager Application (Online)

Complete the online form if you wish to be considered for a manager position within the Carlsbad Softball Association.

USA Softball Select Rules

Select team programs come with some stringent rules imposed by USA Softball. To be eligible for key seasons like the summer all-stars, it's important to understand all the rules and restrictions.

USA Softball has implemented guidelines for all leagues to follow regarding the creation and running of select teams. This information is outlined in the 2020 USA Softball of Southern California Rules & Regulations (Yellow Book) below:

Select Roster Process

Players who wish to be on a select team MUST register for Spring 2021 and participate in try-outs.

Upon conclusion of tryouts, the board approved manager(s) will choose the select teams for each age division. First and second year player designation within a division is considered when forming the select team rosters.

The Players Agent will announce the select teams.

The Board of Directors must ratify the select team rosters that are approved by the coaches. The board must also ratify the coaches. NO ONE MAY ALTER the final rosters without prior Board of Director approval. The roster limit must meet the USA Softball guidelines of no more than 20 girls.

Being chosen for a select team does not guarantee a spot on any all-star team for any player. Select managers will not necessarily be all-star managers.

Managing Expectations

Select teams are not for everyone. The formation of this program is to teach, demonstrate, and practice the higher-level strategies and situations of the game.

Since our foundational mission as an association is developing young athletes, we believe in providing an opportunity and the fair assessment for all to show what they can do on the field. If your daughter is committed and willing to work hard while sacrificing early Sunday mornings and/or afternoons, she will be considered to develop and hone her player skills as a Select player